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A product studio motivated by the craft of building great product rooted with aesthetic and commercial value.

A Seven Phase System

A general structured process that pushes forward the development of new and innovative product. Each phase presents opportunity for partnership and input from clients creating product born from a collaborative experience. The phases are flexible to be tailored depending clients needs and expectations.

  • 1 Research and Identity

    Consumer trend and market analysis is done to establish a focused vision of product opportunity. A core story is created as a visual tool that articulates the product intentions. This establishes the theme and strategy of the product collection.

    - Story boards supporting product theme.
    - Research documenting trend and market analysis.

  • 2 Product Planning

    A line plan matrix is created that encompasses sku list, price positioning, profitability and cost expectations. The line plan is supported by a product brief for each product. The product brief details design criteria, product strategy, features and benefits.

    - Line plan matrix.
    - Product brief for each style.
    - Product design and development timeline.

  • 3 Product Design

    Product, graphics, trims, color and materials are rendered in a multi-phase process. From conceptual art to final technical drawings ready for technical package.

    - Initial concept presentation renderings.
    - Development of color palette based on market analysis and color forecasting.
    - Merchandising of colors in the product line.
    - Final technical renderings for each style.

  • 4 Product Development

    A complete technical document is created as a tool of communication to suppliers. This includes technical drawings, bill of materials, construction details, trim details, graphic details, size measurement specifications and grading.

    Complete technical package document for each product.

  • 5 Material Development

    Materials specific to product needs are developed with suppliers. A material specification document is created with material breakdown and testing information.

    - Material specification document for each product.
    - Materials tracking report.

  • 6 Color Development

    Color standards are established. Lab dip of specific colors are initiated, tracked and reviewed to match to standard.

    - Color palette with color standards.
    - Lab dip tracking report.

  • 7 Prototype Development

    Identify and assigned sourcing suitable to styles specific needs, material and construction technology. Analyze fit, size and construction through all phases of sample development from first prototype to confirmation.

    - Final and approved prototype.
    - Prototype tracking report.